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Barrayar Cetaganda The Invasion

Have you read the FAQ?

The Village The Barrayaran Camp The Cetagandan Base The Fight

You've been on Barrayar for a while now, and you're finally starting to adjust. Or maybe you're not. Maybe this is all still too much for you – the attacks, the constant raids, living in the middle of a war zone by no choice of your own. But if you want to live long enough to make it back home one day, you might as well do what you can to help the war effort. Besides, where else are you going to go?

The fierce Barrayaran winter rages even to the southern end of the continent, and it's been none too kind to Vorkosigan's District. Temperatures at sea level are well below freezing, and up in the mountains, it's even colder. Several inches of snow already blanket most of the mountains all the way down to the Cetagandan base, and the storm that's just started up is only bringing more down. Visibility is low in the flurries, wind swirling snow everywhere, and God help you if you get lost on your own out in the storm. Nights are cold, these days.

A recent attack on the Cetagandan base has left half their facilities damaged and in disarray. Raid parties snuck in by night, planting bombs in previously scouted locations for maximum effect. Damage to the base's water treatment plant and organic grow labs have considerably impacted the Cetagandans' food and water supply, and in the chaos caused by the explosions, the Barrayaran guerrillas raided their medbay and made off with a considerable bounty of medical supplies. One man's bane is another man's boon, and while the Cetagandans have reserve supplies to sustain them for now, some of the damage is extensive and the repairs will take time. But in the meantime, the Barrayarans have scored a precious victory as well as equally precious resources.

the village
The Riverfall villagers are used to the harsh winters of the Dendarii mountains, and though they don't have much themselves, they are happy to offer what they can in terms of cold-weather clothing and extra blankets to those allied with the guerrillas. Despite the cold, the hill children are going wild in the snow, and they may try to lure you into their play by sneakily pelting you with snowballs.

Cetagandan allies, however, may not be met so warmly, and at the first sight of ghem soldiers, any children out playing in the snow will be immediately ushered into their homes. Unaccompanied outsiders from the Cetagandan base might have an easier time talking to the hillfolk, but any attempt at digging information about the guerrillas out of them will get you stonewalled fast. A sneaky hill child or two may steal away from their home to approach one of the "bad guy" outsiders to sate their curiosity.

the barrayaran camp
Morale is higher than it has been in a while after their recent victory, and the guerrillas are in high spirits. And do they ever love their spirits – as night falls, most of the Barrayarans gathered around the campfires are enjoying the deceptively named, dangerously alcoholic moonshine they call maple mead. It might start out sweet, but it burns all the way down, and a few glasses of that stuff will tank even the heaviest Barrayaran soldier.

But the storm rages on despite their celebration, and preparations must be made. Clearing as much snow off the tents as possible will help ensure that no tents collapse overnight, the horses need to be tended to, and the officers are always running training drills. Food is in real supply now, but the guerrillas need help foraging and hunting nonetheless. And when night falls, you'll have to find a way to keep yourself warm – it's a good thing there are a cozy ten of you to a tent.

the cetagandan base
The Cetagandans outnumber their guerrilla enemies almost seventy-to-one, so their base has not been completely devastated, but it hardly looks to be the work of a few raiding parties. Nothing is beyond repair, but the water treatment plant has been taken offline, which means that all water is now locally sourced and must be treated by hand with purification tablets. No one in the base will starve, but fresh food is mostly unavailable until they get the grow labs back online, which means that meals are mostly comprised of ration bars and MREs. Morale isn't exactly at an all-time low, but none of the ghem officers seem to be in a good mood.

They won't hesitate to put you to work, either. They need all the engineers and laborers they can get for the grow labs and the treatment plant, and the medbay's inventory needs to be thoroughly audited before they can send a request for more supplies. But if you need a break, it's not too hard to slip away for a little quiet downtime. Some of the lower-ranked ghem ladies might let you participate in some more artistic activities, or maybe some of the enlisted soldiers who are a little more used to you by now might invite you into one of their Cetagandan games of strategy. Or, since the treatment plant only affected potable water, you could appreciate your comfortable surroundings and take a nice hot soak in the bathroom while everyone else is working.

the fight
You're in the midst of a skirmish with the other side -- maybe you signed up for the battle, maybe you just got caught up in the fight -- but at least it's easy to tell who's on what side. Only one side is wielding swords, and the other guns.

But then you come across someone who doesn't look like they're either -- not one of the rugged Barrayarans or the face-painted Cetagandans, but an outsider, an exotic like you. They must be. So do you fight?

Maybe you're not on the front lines, but there's plenty more to winning the war than just fighting. You're partnered with another outsider on recon; the ground is cold, and you try not to let your shoes crunch too loudly on snow as you scout, scanning for patrols or supply lines.

Or maybe you're with the Cetagandans, hiking it thorugh the mountains with one of your fellow exotics in an attempt to locate the enemy camp. Except it's damned cold, and there's hidden ice everywhere, and everything is starting to really look the same.


Feel free to write prompts for your character on either side -- you don't have to choose just one for the TDM! Just label it clearly so folks know. GO WILD, MY FRIENDS
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daryl dixon | the walking dead | ota.

[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-11-22 09:57 pm (UTC)(link)
a1. THANKS, BASTARDS | riverfall village.
War is war, and that's all a great way to die, but Daryl is more concerned with making it through the winter. It turns out even in space, people still gotta eat and stay warm.

Walking around the village, Daryl may look more like a native than anything else. He's definitely not about to correct that assumption if you make it. Decked out in thick furs, head covered in a layered hood with a thick shawl covering most of his face, he could be anyone. Currently, this anyone is at the market, trying to unload the bounty from a recent hunt. Anyone buying from him will find a man of few words, many grunts, and a total disinterest in bartering.

That said, he will give you a great bargain if you'll give him arrows.
a2. BIG MISTAKE | riverfall village.
Later, after he's unloaded his kills and gotten the supplies he needed, Daryl leaves the village without a word. Or, he tries, until some kind decides to bean him with a snowball.

Without a second glance, Daryl scoops up a few snowballs and wages war on the local hill children. It's pretty quick, a volley of snowballs hitting their targets with a marksman's accuracy. The three nearby kids get a snowball to the head in return.

When it's over, Daryl will pick his belongings back up, and look over at anyone unlucky enough to be caught watching and glare. "What."
b. FRIENDSHIP IS DEEP | barrayar camp.
Daryl isn't much interested in the festivities, but you're welcome to try and pull him into a partying mood. Mostly, though, he's focusing on the work that needs doing around camp. Daryl is focusing on the horses, because he has a score to settle, here.

The wind's picking up, and Daryl is trying to make sure the animals are secured in the stalls, so they can't bolt if the storm spooks them. You never know, man. Horses are weird.

He's hushing a particularly nervous mare while trying to re-secure its stall. "C'mon, settle down. How can you be scared by a lil' wind? All this damn place does."
c. WALL OF DEATH | pvp.
Daryl doesn't know who you are, but he doesn't seem to care. He's ignoring a cut on his temple, a few gashes on his arms and chest, all to point what looks like a makeshift crossbow at you. He holds it steady with a crouched, waiting stance, as though he fully expects the person he's pointing it in to know the danger they're in.

"Don't want no trouble," he says, troublesomely, "Ain't interested in surrendering, neither."
d. HOLD ON, HOLD ON | recon.
As recon partners go, Daryl isn't exactly ideal, but he's no novice, either. He's less interested in what's in front of him, and more interested in the ground beneath his feet. He's been watching it the entire trek.

"Someone been through here little while back." He looks over a clump of dirty snow, a few scuffed red leaves scattered in the dirt, a broken twig. "Looks like a Ceta."
e. WILDCARD | go for it, man.
Daryl largely sticks to himself, does his work, and doesn't fraternize much. That said, if you ask him for help and make a good case (or just genuinely seem like you need it), he'll lend a hand.

He's frequently out hunting, and generally brings back absolutely anything he can find (just not the native giant bugs after that one time, no, he doesn't want to talk about it). I hope you like the taste of squirrel. Occasionally, he'll sell his wares at the Riverfall markets, and probably knows a few of the hillfolk on a first name basis.
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[personal profile] mirrortide 2016-11-22 11:44 pm (UTC)(link)
While she doesn't know what half of this.. human stuff is, it hardly takes a Peridot to figure out that the thing being pointed at her is dangerous. Granted, the thing she has on her person is also dangerous, but she had hardly been ready for an ambush like that.

The blue girl doesn't even bother reaching for the plasma gun on her. She doubts she could do it fast enough to get a shot off before being shot.

"... Feel like pretending we never saw each other, then?"

No one ever said Lapis was the bravest or the most fearless gem.
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[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-11-22 11:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Daryl isn't about to argue. This isn't his war. He's here because he has to be, but his interest is in surviving it, not winning it.

He doesn't drop his bow, keeps it aimed on the blue girl's head, but he takes a slow step away. Cautiously, carefully, he gives her what benefit of the doubt there is. "And keep it to yourself."
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[personal profile] mirrortide 2016-11-23 12:00 am (UTC)(link)
"That works for me." She watches cautiously, because she's still not really sure, even when he takes a step away. It's a small gesture, but honestly it does little to relieve her.

She mimics his movements, taking her own cautious step away, though hesitates once her foot hits the ground. He's still aiming at her, and it's a terrible idea to even ask, but she has to. It might be useful information for later. Maybe.

"You're with the barrayarans, right? Can I ask you something? It- It's not for any sort of critical information, or anything."
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[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-11-23 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
Daryl narrows his eyes, wondering if this is some kind of trick. He keeps his bow trained on her, ready to strike the moment she proves false.

"Ask, then."
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[personal profile] mirrortide 2016-11-23 12:09 am (UTC)(link)
There's no tricks here, thankfully. Lapis wants to leave just as soon as she can as well. Say she never saw anything. No one has to know different, after all.

"There isn't a human kid on your side, is there? Small? Named Steven?" Lapis only knows that he's not on the Ceta side, but she's never had a chance to figure out the other side of things. "I just want to know if he ended up here by any chance too."
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[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-11-23 12:36 am (UTC)(link)
Daryl measures the merits of honesty. War is war and all that macho crap, but Daryl knows what it is to be in this girl's position, wondering if her people have been caught on the wrong side of the conflict. Honesty wins out.

He nods slowly, bow still raised.
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[personal profile] mirrortide 2016-11-23 12:52 am (UTC)(link)
"He's- He's on your side?" Is she reading that nonverbal communication right? She hopes she isn't, because just the thought of Steven being caught up in a war, of being on the other side of the clear winners (in her mind) is enough for panic to shoot through her fast and hard, she takes a half step forward, before she remembers that she's not the one who has any business being demanding right now.

To their credit, Human wars are so much unlike Gem wars. There's rarely prisoners in Gem wars.
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[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-11-23 01:14 am (UTC)(link)
Daryl takes a step forward as well, twitching his bow as a warning. He won't shoot her unprovoked, but she doesn't know that. "That's what I said."

He's pretty sure he saw a kid named Steven running around, anyway. He's been trying to distance himself from the group, but he's good with names.

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friendship is magic

[personal profile] littleduck 2016-11-23 09:52 pm (UTC)(link)
"It's the sound of it," Primrose softly interrupts his conversation with the animal, as she walks up to stand at his side. The horse she's leading is calm, apart from some light feet stomping and snorts of disapproval at standing still.

Back home, she had always loved getting to take care of animals. Her mother and sister always said she had a touch with them, and people in District 12 would often suggest she'd have her own farm full of animals if it had been possible. War had a way of changing what was possible, and altering the people who were pulled into it. Prim no longer dreamed of taking care of animals and making that her life's goal, but she's still kept her way with them all the same.

"I'm not sure I'd get used to it either, if I could hear it the same way they do."

Not one to just stand around and talk instead of work, she leads the horse she's got over to one of the other stalls to secure him in place. His rider's just come in and he needs to be dressed down before being left for the night, but Prim wants to make sure he's safe inside before taking off his saddle and getting him comfortable. She's generally a medic, and not a horse wrangler, but she loves working with them enough to take on the responsibility whenever someone will let her.
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[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-11-23 09:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Daryl considers that, cocking his head to the side and chewing over the answer. He didn't grow up with horses, and didn't consider they have special senses beyond the general knowledge that all animals do. He pats the horse in front of him again, and it continues to whinny.

"How you calm 'em down, then?" Since this little kid is apparently the knowledgeable one.
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[personal profile] littleduck 2016-11-23 10:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Once she makes sure that the horse she's leading is at least secure in his stall, she hurries over to help him. "I'm not sure what the best way is," She admits, holding her hand up so the horse can smell her before she presses her palm against the mare's neck. "But as long as I stay calm, animals usually are too."

She glances up at him, smiling a little. "Here, you try calming her. I've got to get a couple more to bring inside."
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[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-11-23 10:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Okay, so the kid's some kind of animal whisperer. That's all great for her, but Daryl doesn't exactly speak horse. He watches her bound away, and he's left with Nelly. (The horse's name is Provcheckya or something similarly Russian and impenetrable, but all horses are Nelly to Daryl.) She continues to nicker foreboding until the little girl returns.

"Don't think she likes me none."
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wildcarding hunting buddies

[personal profile] vindictive 2016-11-23 10:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Charlie's not particularly a fan of being pulled away from one war and deposited in the middle of another but she makes the most out of the situation. It takes her a while to rebuild the makeshift crossbow she has back home, but thankfully parts aren't necessarily in short supply at the camp and the village nearby. It's making her own arrows that takes some time, and it's something she can be seen doing at night when at camp, tucked away in a tent or outside in the cold. She keeps to herself most of the time, and generally isn't well known as having kind words to say to people who bother her. She's even gotten into a few fights with some of the assholes around camp who get a little mouthy when they've had too much to drink.

So she goes hunting often, just to stay away from...well, everyone.

Today she's gone out early just to get out some frustration she has from the night before. Spotting a bruised cheek and a black eye thanks to the fist fight she's gotten into with a soldier, she's more surly than usual as she stalks through the nearby trees. She's got her crossbow raised at a figure she sees moving close by, and once she realizes that the thing covered in furs is most likely a human (or one hell of a messed up monster) she lowers her weapon and curses under her breath.
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[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-11-23 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Daryl hears... something in the forest. He's faintly aware there's someone out here with him, though he's tried to keep his distance from them. It's either a squirrel, or- Daryl turns, and spots a girl with an impressive shiner.

If only there were deer, here. Two people can hunt deer, but not goddamn squirrels.

Daryl holds one hand up, the sign for 'stop', and then puts a finger to his lips, hushing her.
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[personal profile] vindictive 2016-11-23 10:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Is he telling her to be quiet? Her eyes narrow as she fights the urge to snap at him that she knows to be quiet out hunting. Not that there's much worthwhile out today. Her crossbow's held at her side as she quietly moves his way, figuring that in the rare chance they stumble across larger game they can take it on together.

"There isn't anything here. I've checked." She whispers as soon as she gets in close enough.
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[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-11-23 10:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, he appreciates her keeping her voice to a dull roar. Daryl points to the sky with his one outstretched finger. He's not saying anything. If she hasn't looked at all the possibilities, that's her fault.

But he'll show her, if she follows him through the bush.
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[personal profile] vindictive 2016-11-23 10:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Her eyes look upward before trailing back down to him. He hasn't asked her to follow him, but his signaling to her is as good as an invitation. So she nods, gesturing for him to lead the way by pointing her crossbow ahead of them.
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[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-11-23 10:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Daryl continues to creep forward, step by silent step, until he's gotten to a tiny clearing in the thick branches. He waits until the wind changes, staring upward, and then he shoots.

A chickenhawk falls screaming to the ground with an arrow through its wing.
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[personal profile] vindictive 2016-11-24 08:18 am (UTC)(link)
Well, damn. Color her impressed. Both of Charlie's eyebrows arch as she glances over at the fallen animal, and then over to him. Her attention is short lived though, as she turns her weapon toward the screaming thing and shoots an arrow right through its head.

Her eyes then look to the sky and scouts for any others. While these sort of predator birds are usually loners back home, she's not sure of what they're like here. So she holds her crossbow ready, but not up entirely.

"I've seen you around," she idly remarks, voice a whisper. "My name's Charlie."
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[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-11-24 04:50 pm (UTC)(link)
"Used to be a squirrel nest near here," Daryl says, nodding in approval at the dead hawk on the ground. Good that she didn't let it didn't suffer. "They hunt round here."

He scoops up the hawk, and begins the slow process of ripping off its feathers with practiced precision. This is clearly something he's done before. He gives a little nod in Charlie's direction.


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[personal profile] sibearian 2016-11-30 12:22 am (UTC)(link)
Likewise, Zarya has her shield raised, sword ready.

She narrows her eyes at the stranger - just because he says he doesn't want a fight doesn't mean he won't give one.

"I see. And who are you?"
pigsfeet: (that's a rock)

[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-11-30 12:37 am (UTC)(link)
"Nobody," is his first response. He's not the type to be free with information. He's not the trusting type either, and that shows in his crossbow still raised, aimed as well as he can at her head.

But he's interested to see if she is. "You?"
sibearian: (this siberian bear is going to eat you)

[personal profile] sibearian 2016-12-04 01:03 am (UTC)(link)
"That is not an answer."

God, he's going to be a difficult one. That's fine, Zarya can work with this.

"I am Zarya. I have done the courtesy of giving you my name, I would like the stranger pointing his crossbow at my head to extend the same."
pigsfeet: (ew no)

[personal profile] pigsfeet 2016-12-04 01:25 am (UTC)(link)
Manners have never been Daryl's strong suit. He keeps that crossbow trained on her head, on any part of it that peeks around her shield. "Ain't you heard there's a war on?"

He has no intention of his name getting back to base as someone unwilling to shoot at the first provocation, for however much 'that guy with the crossbow' would suit just as well.